KindlePaperwhite.jpgThe QYResearch Consumer Goods Research Center has shared with TeleRead some data and insights from its Global E-paper Display Market Professional Survey Report 2016, which, as it says, surveys the global manufacturing of electronic paper displays. For any business involved in the field, this is probably indispensable information.

As explained by QYResearch to TeleRead, “the global E-paper display industry is estimated to account for a production volume of approximately 11,762,000 units in 2015. There  are  many technologies to manufacture E-paper displays… Electrophoretic display manufacture  technology is about 93 percent of the whole production of E-paper displays. The production  of E-paper displays is mainly concentrated in China: the largest manufacturer, E-ink, has a factory in Suzhou.”

E-ink, indeed, has 81.85 percent of the total global manufacturing capacity of e-paper displays. Interestingly, though, “production has decreased in recent years [due to] poor demand downstream,” according to QYResearch.

That could suggest steady decline in demand for e-readers, despite Amazon’s success with the Kindle. However, the report covers all kinds of applications for e-paper, including digital signage and wearables, so other applications may be responsible for the declining demand. In any event, the whole report is available now for any industry player needing more detailed statistical insights into the existing production base for e-paper and the market trends in the industry.


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