frenchkindleToday Amazon opened a French Kindle store, joining its already existing USA, UK, and German stores. The French store will serve customers in France, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

Along with the new store, Amazon is selling a French edition of its lowest-end non-touch Kindle (the one that sells for $109 ad-free in the US) for 99 Euros (US$133). The devices will ship on October 14th.

I notice that the French Kindle store has a number of works by French author Maurice Leblanc available quite cheaply. It’s almost enough to make me want to learn French.

(Found via Publishing Perspectives.)


  1. Very interesting, but Amazon continues to* fail to serve* approx. *8.5* million French Canadians. Also, for those who read French, all Maurice Leblanc titles are all available for free, nicely formatted for several platforms, on public domain sites.

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