Introducing_Windows_10_for_IT_Professionals_Preview_EditionFrom security to a few mobile-related tips, a free 115-page guide from Microsoft Press serves up a number of pointers: Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Preview Edition, by Ed Bott. It comes in PDF, ePub and Mobi versions.

I downloaded the ePub version, then viewed it in Calibre without the slightest fuss. While pros are the main audience for this book, others may also benefit. Just remember the operative word here, preview—don’t confuse this with a full-strength guide to Windows 10.

I’m looking forward to Win 10, a great chance for Microsoft to atone for the interface crimes committed against us in Win 8. What’s more, e-book apps for Windows have been improving. Among my favorites is Freda, which can run on mobile machines and desktops alike. It’s no Moon+ Reader Pro but has been getting there. See our recent Freda write-up.

Other free Microsoft Press titles are reachable through the same link as the one for the preview edition of the Win 10 book.

Meanwhile go here to “reserve” a download of the final version of 10, now apparently set for general release in August. It’s to be rolled out gradually.


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