51-OELbJvPL._SL160_AA115_.jpgI received a press release from Amazon announcing this. This is the first time the books are available as ebooks and they include: An Enemy of the State, Wheels Within Wheels, The Tery, Dydeetown World and Healer. According to the press release the author said:

“I’m thrilled that I’m able to make all five novels of the LaNague Federation series – including an additional five bonus short stories – available for the first time in digital, and for the first time all together as a series,” said F. Paul Wilson. “The result is a giant roman à thèse exclusively for Kindle readers. It’s wonderful that Kindle and the Digital Text Platform provide a convenient channel for authors like me to reintroduce classic titles to a whole new audience.”

I checked the Amazon site and they are priced at $2.99. I’m a big science fiction fan, but I must admit I don’t know this series. At this price I downloaded the first volume to my Kindle.


  1. It’s an interesting set of stories, set against a background of libertarian economics. Wilson is an excellent writer, and avoids stridency and preaching, unlike others who have written libertarian-set tales. Generally a good read, although probably a bit dated by now.

    Jack Tingle

  2. These sound interesting. It’s a shame that they are exclusive to Amazon and Kindles. If they were available elsewhere in epub format, I’d be very interested. Perhaps the author should talk to Smashwords

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