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Above is a screenshot from Fictionwise’s site. I guess this had to happen because of the agency model. If you remember the Kobo post we did Kobo said that discounting is prohibited for agency model books.

I suspect that the work involved in going through each and every entry to see if it can be discounted or not is major. Easier just to end the program altogether.

Thanks to MobileRead for the heads up.


  1. Huh. Yesterday I put in a support ticket asking about the future of the Buywise club, and got the response, “We’re talking to publishers and suppliers now about these issues. Look for future announcements.”

    As it happens, I actually bought my most recent Fictionwise e-book this afternoon before that happened. Glad I got in under the wire for that, at least.

    I’ve submitted another ticket asking them for a pro-rated refund of the amount remaining on my year of membership. Will have to see what they say, I guess.

  2. It’s worth noting that the site’s been updated to read “The Fictionwise Buywise Club can no longer be renewed and new subscriptions are no longer available. All existing Buywise Club members may continue to use their benefits until their memberships expire.”

  3. I wonder how this is going to affect Micropay rebates. I have about $180 in rebates remaining, I hope they don’t go poof. This is a shame. Fictionwise and Kobo were fast becoming my favorite places to buy ebooks.

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