Feedly has been steadily gaining users (over three million since the announcement of the death of Google Reader), and they just updated both their mobile apps and their browser plugins.

So far I’m happy with the changes, which make the experience a little closer to Google Reader.

The best changes in the browser version include the ability to set a title view in your subcategories (not just in the Latest view) and better integration with Pocket. When I reviewed Feedly a few weeks ago, the Save to Pocket button didn’t work. Now it’s flawless, just as it should be.

I’m also pleased with the improvements to the mobile apps. Previously there had been no list view, only card or magazine views. While I don’t mind those views for reading, they were terrible for quick scanning. List views everywhere are welcome. Here’s what Feedly looks like on my iPhone.

As you can see, it’s not that much different from Google Reader in the browser:

They’ve also added a “Must Read” feature, where you can promote certain feeds so they will “bubble” up in the top of the feed selection panel and in the “Today” view. Is it unacceptably tacky to suggest you mark TeleRead as a “Must Read?” 😉

All in all some good improvements to Feedly. Other than creating the screen shot today, I haven’t visited Google Reader since I made the transition. As long as Feedly’s new engine works, I don’t think I’ll miss Google Reader at all.

Here’s Feedly’s announcement, if you want to read more about what they’re doing.


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