FeedlyThe bloom is officially off the Feedly rose for me: I woke up this morning to a second day of “over capacity” error messages when I tried to access my feeds. I couldn’t get in to anything!

And I still can’t.

I did yesterday’s Morning Roundup by manually typing the URLs of my regular blogs to see what was happening, but it wasn’t the same: there was no list of as-year-unread stories, no way to mark off the ones I’d already seen, and of course I couldn’t remember every blog I visit, off-hand.

I guess my first task when Feedly is eventually back will be to export my feed list out somehow, so that if there are further outages, I can at least read my stuff…

This VentureBeat article suggests that the problem is a code change Google made just before the shutdown, and says it has submitted an as-yet-unposted fix to Apple. Android users are allegedly still OK to access it. But when I’m working, I use the Web version of Feedly, and I’m getting the error message there, too.

Here’s hoping Feedly gets this fixed super-fast. Frankly, I’m surprised at how crippled I feel without my feeds—I use them for so many things and I really am hampered by not being able to access them. I hadn’t considered methods for backing them up; I will now.

But first, Feedly has to fix the problem so I can get back in.

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  1. Maybe I’m just lucky. Been using Feedly since Google Reader shut down and have not had one iota of problems. Using the website & Android apps.
    Glad to have it as I use it constantly as a journalist (I’m sure much the way you do)

  2. I experienced that problem yesterday evening. I saved a feed on my desktop, went over to a friend’s house, then got the “over capacity” message when I tried to pull up the feed from my phone. However, this morning both the desktop and mobile versions worked flawlessly for me. It was an annoying outage, but not a deal-breaker for me.

  3. I’ve seen a few of the capacity messages myself. I’m right with you – it can be frustrating when you are accustomed to getting your news fast and easy!

    But Feedly serves me well – better than Google did. They have quickly added features and it remains simple to use. Despite the rapid expansion and frequent changes, they’ve (so far) demonstrated an ability to deliver a great product, with very few major issues. It’s fun to use.

    Another positive sign is that they very quickly implemented the plug-in-less web version, and provided feed exports. They have saved me a lot of trouble by making the transition easy, so I’m quite pleased at this point.

  4. It’s working on my phone, but the web version is not working on my computer, and that’s where I need it. I contacted them via Twitter and was told to ‘update’ my ‘extension’ and then go directly to cloud.feedly.com. Well, I don’t have an extension—I never did, I just accessed it via the website. And I did a search on the Safari extension page just to see and they don’t have a Feedly plug-in. I’m not sure what they expect me to do. Still waiting for a reply to the last message I sent them. I am super-frustrated though. I do work on my computer—I need it there!

  5. I got that message last week and another message kept popping up asking me to go to the cloud or some such thing. I didn’t want to click on it but after two days gave up and clicked and immediately got to my feeds even though the big “over capacity” message had popped up for two days and right before I clicked on the other message.

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