robonoticeatomicroboHere’s an amusing case of a publisher getting copyright right. Evil Hat, who’s been mentioned here a few times before for its FUDGE-based Spirit of the Century role-playing game and Kickstarter projects, has a great copyright notice on its Atomic Robo RPG.

Right after the bit about not storing the publication in a retrieval system without permission, it continues:

That said, if you’re doing it for personal use, knock yourself out. That’s not only allowed, we encourage you to do it.

For those working at a copy shop and not at all sure if this means the person standing at your counter can make copies of this thing, they can. This is “express permission.” Carry on.

In this era of DRM and over-restrictive copyright enforcement, it’s great to see how one company is definitely getting it right. Of course, this isn’t exactly unique in the field of roleplaying games, where it’s long been understood you’re going to need to photocopy character sheets and reference tables and such. But it’s certainly nice when they make it explicit so you don’t get static when you go to do it at the copy shop.


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