Forty-Acres-Press.pngJust by chance, here’s another Espresso Machine story that came up this morning. It’s from Publishing Perspectives:

The University of Texas Co-Op — who is the largest seller of used textbooks in the country and the most profitable independent college bookstore in the United States — recently purchased an EBM for $150,000. It has created publishing company Forty Acres Press to manage the machine, which has been affectionately named B.O.B: The Burnt Orange Book machine, in honor of the university’s signature color.

Chad Stith, who runs Forty Acres Press, is thrilled about testing the possibilities of his “new recruit”, which arrived at the company only a month and a half ago. He sees the B.O.B. as fitting into two main avenues of use: as the main outlet for the new publishing house and as a point-of-sale tool. And because Forty Acres Press publishes and is present in the college bookstore, it is in a unique position within the publishing world to test how B.O.B can be utilized in both circumstances.


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