31uwaGtITbL._SL500_AA300_.jpgThis is new, at least as far as I know. It looks as if the Entourage Edge is hitting the mainstream. Amazon is now carrying the unit in blue and red.

It lists for $549.99 and Amazon is selling them for $508.99. It can be had through Amazon Prime or, for the same price, from Amazon through Beach Camera.

I’ve seen the unit several times and it is really a clever design. Thanks to E-Reader-Info for the heads up.


  1. Just a word of caution on where you buy this…do NOT purchase it from Beach Camera. If you have to return it for any reason, you will be stuck with paying for all return shipping charges. I learned the hard way. It has been nearly a year and despite e-mail after e-mail and phone call after phone call where I was promised “I am processing your shipping refund right now”, I never saw a refund for the $35.00 it cost me to return a heavy espresso machine that was non-functioning when it arrived.

  2. I’ve been writing an ongoing comparison piece on different eReaders since January, not only comparing specs but consumer reactions to various aspects of the eReader experience; the entourage edge appears to have hit the student market well, and unlike other devices has a distinct “book-like” feel, while keeping the internet & streaming video capabilities of a laptop.

    Over the last six months I’ve queried several hundred prospective device shoppers (in the course of researching my various articles) on what features they’d most want in an eReader and the results were interesting.

    Those with iPhones wanted the iPad; those without iPhones liked the iPad but weren’t willing to spring for it while their current laptops were yet functioning; the majority of these self-same shoppers liked the Edge’s design, as it resembled their laptop (and a book), but functioned in part as a quality eReader, and yet harbored iPad-like features, i. e. turning it sideways for an instantly larger-width screen.

    The Edge might actually be the new ‘student’ device, as it is cheaper than a 3G&WiFi–or WiFi 32 gig–iPad for parents (Edge: $508-$562 on Amazon), comes with a cover already and appears to be striking consumers as “handy and portable”.

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