pick.jpgHere we go again:

Andrew Wylie plans to expand Amazon backlist publishing effort by Chris Meadows

Kindle 3 vs Kindle 2 in size plus hands-on report by PC World’s Perenson – photos also by Andrys Basten

iBook buyers beware – no refund or exchange even if your book has been updated!

iPad e-book app review: DiceBook by Chris Meadows

What is the real platform for ereading? Probably smartphones

Disintermediation Happens – Agents and the new reality by Eoin Purcell

Authors Guild on the economics of the Wylie/Amazon agreement – a 300% increase in author income?; may give Amazon too much power

LibriVox – free audiobooks in the public domain

A secret weapon for authors by Joanna

Wired Gadget Lab on the iPad sheet music page turner foot switch


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