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Project Gutenberg and Languages by Marie Lebert

eLinea, a new ereading service launches in The Netherlands

An open letter to the publishing “industry” from a customer who reads 100+ books a year by Joanna

Why publishers have trouble building relationships with consumers by Chris Meadows

Chinese downloaders to blame for UK library e-book crackdown by Chris Meadows

Nook Color press event video 1

Nook Color press event video 2; the market splits, grows and ebooks prosper

An Open Letter to Cursor by Richard Eoin Nash

Booknology – an ebook timeline – updated; Spanish version too

TeleRead E-book Primer Part Two: Formats by Chris Meadows

Ebook review by Joanna: “Still Life with Murder” by Patricia Ryan

On Being Divided While Books Are Sliced by Matt Hayler

Open letter to J.K. Rowling by Chris Meadows


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