iPad saved me today! Our workplace just changed technical support providers, and one of the first things I asked for from the new guys was a password to access the wifi network from the iPad. It was set up yesterday, and thank goodness because they are still working out some system glitches and the printers were not available today.

I had a certain book I needed for one of my morning classes and was despairing of what to do. It’s all on the computer because it’s one I wrote myself, and I reprint it every year because it’s a story about our school so I like to change the names of the teachers to match the class I teach for. This book forms the basis for a term-long unit I had heaped to start today. But with no printer…

iPad to the rescue! Now that I can access wifi on the iPad itself, it was easy to open my book on the office computer, make my changes and save it to PDF on my Dropbox account. All I had to do was open it up in my iPad Dropbox app and send it to iBooks. It looked beautiful, and I could read the story with the kids just like a “real” book. iPad saved the day!


  1. Thanks Howard! One of the arsons we switched providers was because the other was a control freak who would not let us do anything. Use a personal device on the school network? Why would anybody want to do that? What legitimate work purpose could there be? 🙂 When I showed the book-on-iPad to my boss, she was quite pleased and sId this was part of why we she switched providers–since we have people here who know how to do stuff, why not let them do it?

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