+ Baidu, Most Used Site in China Begins Selling e-Books (via Bloomberg News)

Baidu also provides a popular search engine. Baidu info page in English.

+ China: The E-Reader Boom (by Yu Shujyun, Beijing Review)

+ OPDS [Open Publishing Distribution System Catalog] Primer on Feedbooks (by Paul Biba, TeleRead)

+ Video Notre Dame ereader study (by Paul Biba, TeleRead)

+ Macmillan Dictionaries Launches Apps (by Victoria Gallagher, The Bookseller)

+ Kobo Powering Samsung Galaxy Tab E-Book Reader (by David Pierce, PC Magazine)

+ Staples to Carry Kindles (by Eric Engleman, TechFlash)

+ Videos From Multiple Sources: Sony Launches Three New E-Readers (via Newsy)

+ New Kindles reinforce e-reader’s best-seller status (by Edward Baig, USA Today)

+ Borders to offer $99 e-reader and introduces new Android-powered models (by Brian Osborne,

+ Print-on-Demand: Espresso Book Machine Spreads to Bookstores (by Maryann Yin, GalleyCat)


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