amazon-fire-phoneRemember how the Amazon Fire Phone was on sale for a ridiculously low price a couple of weeks back, then Amazon sold out of it completely? Well, it turns out it’s not quite as gone as all that.

Some third-party retailers still have it to sell, and they’re selling the Fire Phone, brand new and unopened, plus one year of Prime, for $120 via eBay. Given that one year of Prime costs $99, that makes the phone even cheaper than it was a few weeks ago. You can even add a two-year SquareTrade warranty for $26 if you feel like it, to make up for the manufacturer warranty you probably won’t be getting—which means you’d be paying $5 more for the warranty than for the actual phone once you subtracted the year of Prime.

EBay isn’t Amazon, so caveat emptor, of course. But if you’re planning to re-up your Prime membership anyway, why not get yourself a cheap little tzotzke to play with while you’re at it? (Found via Kinja Deals.)


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