image If you want to read Indignation, Philip Roth‘s latest novel, you can buy a Kindle edition, not just a paper version. Trouble is, I don’t see one bleepin’ Roth novel available in Amazon’s Mobipocket format. I can read Mobi but not Kindle; eBabel strikes again! Forget about an eReader or PDF version as well, at least for now. Too bad. I’m a Roth fan, and an L.A. Times article about Indignation really intrigues me. Here’s to reader choice; talk about "indignation"!

Meanwhile The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, Michael Chabon‘s novel about a fictitious Jewish settlement in Alaska, apparently still isn’t in E more than year after its publication. From what I know, Chabon is no dummy about tech—he even paid tribune in his book to his Mac writing software. Time for him to have a heart to heart with his agent?

Related: Have we read the end of book publishing as we know it? in New York Magazine, as well as an informative Mike Cane rant on the inanities of the book trade—in addition to his eBook Test blog devoted to the issue of what’s in E and what isn’t.


  1. I recently contacted Michael Chabon about the possibilities of e-book or versions of his book. His response was that they are very interested in seeing it happen, but they are having difficulty finding an established, reputable publisher that offers fair rates for those mediums.

    Is it possible that the large book publishers are giving artists a raw deal a la the RIAA? (Find Weird Al’s comments concerning digital versus physical for a start.) Perhaps Michael Chabon is using his leverage for such a popular book to help out all artists.

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