Barnes & Noble Mobile SiteMany readers of our site already know that Kindle Store can be easily accessed from a phone, but Amazon’s ebookstore is not the only one to bring a better browsing experience for mobile users.

Barnes & Noble also have their site in a mobile version – and it’s very well designed. The experience is very comparable to the one when browsing Amazon.

How to access the Nook Store

1. All you have to do is to type in your phone browser’s address bar:

2. Tap on Shop for NOOK Books (see picture) – and you’re ready to go!

A tip for users of Nook applications for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. As you can’t shop directly from the application, you can add Nook Store’s home page as a bookmark in Safari or as an icon to the home screen. You can follow the steps in the tip I wrote for Kindle app.

Both mobile sites, Amazon’s and B&N’s, are limited to major lists and catalogs. In the Nook Store you can see the first ten items in every list. You can use a search box to return an unlimited number of results – all of them are in a mobile preview.

The only disadvantage of the mobile version of Nook Store is that the page with Nook Daily Find is not mobilized, so you won’t be able to buy the book easily, for instance when from your mobile Twitter application. By the way, Kindle Daily Deal suffers the same thing.

(Via Ebook Friendly » Tips & More.)


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