John DvorakJohn Dvorak has a rant out against DRM, and, as if to prove his point, a publishing house named Embiid is reportedly shutting down. It used DRM to “protect” its e-books against bootleggers. Now they may be “protected” against access by legal buyers.

Important caveat: The above assumes that a May 10 item on the SF Site is true. The home page of the actual Embiid site does not mention a shutdown.

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(Via MobileRead.)


  1. Did you know it was the authors’ choice, not Embiid’s, whether their books would be encrypted? Did you know Embiid sold as many books unencrypted as it could get permission to? Did you know all the books sold remain readable on the same devices they were purchased for? Did you know …

    Oh, never mind. Have a nice day.

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