does anybody.jpegThe following question was emailed to me by Raymond:

I simply CANNOT get Barnes & Noble’s eReader software (new and old versions) to open any EPUB files. What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Hi Piet! I’m on a Windows XP PC. When I try to open my non-DRM EPUB file with the new software version, “Barnes & Noble Desktop Reader” version, the book does NOT show up. The program opens on my PC and I see all my other preloaded Barnes & Noble (PDB) ebooks, but not my EPUB. It’s like the file did not exist. No error message.

    PC Version of Desktop Reader

    When I try to open my EPUB with the old “Barnes & Noble eReader version 1.0.1,” I get this error:

    “Cannot open file
    This file is not in a format recognized by eReader.”

    Again, the software program opens and I can see all my other PDB ebooks, but no EPUB book.

    I don’t know how to load in an EPUB book into the Desktop Reader program. I just right click on the EPUB file and pick “open with” the Desktop Reader.

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