Screen shot 2010-03-25 at 9.08.43 AM.pngThat’s the question Australian journalist Jason Davis asks. He, himself, evidently does suffer from this malady:

I recently started reading Garry Disher’s latest crime thriller Wyatt (it’s a cracker, by the way) in paperback and it felt like I was cheating on my main squeeze. I was surprised at the pang of guilt that I felt when I grabbed it off the bedside table and cracked it open. It was almost shame – so much so that I even hid my Kindle away in the cupboard (under the guise of “tidying up”).

I must admit that I don’t feel guilty when I read a pbook, but there is no question that I do feel odd sometimes.


  1. I totally do not feel guilty. I feel as though I have a rare privilege to read the way they did in the previous centuries (certain in the knowledge that this privilege will not last for much longer). Print-books are fun; they have their own peculiar aspects. And I’m sure that reading on the iPad/Sony/nook will have its own peculiar aspects.

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