unicefBox.gifHappy Halloween! Raising money for UNICEF has been a traditional part of trick-or-treating over the last few decades, and Diane Duane is marking its 60th anniversary by offering e-reading access to “Not On My Patch,” a new novelette in the Young Wizards universe, as a reward to anyone who contributes more than $5 through UNICEF’s website before the end of Halloween in the USA (at 12:01 a.m. Hawaiian time November 1st). Donors forward a copy of their donation confirmation e-mail to youngwizards4unicef@gmail.com and will get a link to where they can read the work.

Through the month of November, the novelette will be sold via Duane’s e-book store, with the proceeds continuing to go to UNICEF. After that, it will be withdrawn and not offered again until it appears as part of an anthology late next year.

I’m surprised there aren’t more e-book charity fundraising projects out there. I report on them when I find them, like DriveThruRPG’s bundles or the Joplin e-anthology fundraiser, but I haven’t found that many. It would seem like the zero-marginal-cost nature and easy delivery of e-books would be perfect for raising money without having to shell out too much of it on what you’re giving in return.

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