Czur-scanner-build-your-own-digital-library-Indiegogo-1_thumb.pngThe Czur scanner will start shipping in February rather than January, but I’m not worried—Czur Tek says it is watching out for QC and not rushing. It has shared its revised schedule with me.

As TeleRead regulars know, the scanner stands out because you can buy it for just $199 and shipping via Indiegogo. The deal is good for the next 64 hours (I’m finishing this post at about 4:30 p.m. Washington, D.C., time). If the claims hold up, you’ll be able to scan a 300-page book in just five minutes. I’ve got oodles of paper books I’d love to digitize for my private use from my collection. More importantly, think what this could mean for endeavors such as Project Gutenberg and local libraries’ digitization projects. Not to mention possibilities for people with challenges such as dyslexia.

The company’s videos on its Indiegogo page, along with the backgrounds of the people involved, make me very opened mind, the reason I myself have a Czur on order. Is this a sure thing? No! But I still like the odds. It reflects favorably on Czur Tek that the company—based on what I know—isn’t pushing an iffy product out the door. What a contrast to Barnes & Noble. It released the Nook GlowLight Plus without even telling customers that first version of the software couldn’t deal with ePub library books and those from bookstores other than B&N.

So why Czur’s QC-related delay? I’ll reproduce the main part of an e-mail—slightly edited for readability—from CzurTek Chief Marketing Officer Franklin Wang:

We started this program 3 years ago and spent so much time to test our algorithm. By now, we have made a significant breakthrough on flattening the curve of books automatically. We believe that technology shouldn’t be minority’s privilege, so we have lowered our scanner’s price to a unbelievable level. Now all Czur’s key technology has been accomplished and the mold is ready. As the Czur scanner is small and easy to use, everyone can use it for book scanning….

The following are our estimated timeline for main functions.

December: AB page cutting function implantation;
flattening curve algorithm optimization, smart edge cutting function implantation;
colorful background purification

PC software beta version launch and testing;
Server function testing;
laser function testing;
Production assembly and mold ready;

End of January
PCB (printed circuit board) SMT (surface-mount technology) completion. Start to produce;

However, because February 8th is the Chinese spring new year, we will have around 10 days off for holiday. The factory will have a longer holiday. We are afraid that we cannot continue assembling until the last week of February. So we probably will start delivering by the end of February. However, we will try our best to expedite it.

Please note that the $199 price for individual purchases is only available through Indiegogo. The future retail price will be $399 plus taxes and shipping.

Note: The Indiegogo page mentions an estimated shipping date of January. I trust that it will be updated shortly.


  1. @John: Received from Czur Feb. 24:

    Thanks for supporting us and patiently waiting for the delivery.

    After our Chinese New Year holiday, most of workers come back to factory and start to work, the producing plan is going on as normal.

    Our shipping time will be as follows,

    1. All components will be sent to factory from suppliers and get ready to produce in bulk before 8th March, 2016.

    2. We will start to assemble from 8th March 2016 and shipping time will start from 12th March, 2016 for 1000 units.

    3. All of the left orders including in demand will be shipped from 20th, March, 2016.

    Please be noticed that we will arrange the shipping in the sequence of orders on indiegogo platform. All shipping will be finished in early of April. Thank you for your support and patience again.

    In order to make sure the shipment address is correct and you can get Czur scanner in hand, we request you to send us your full address information in standard form as below,

    Order ID:

    Full name:




    Zip Code:

    Please send full shipping information as above to our email of

    Thanks again for everything.

  2. @John: Eager to do the review when the unit is here! Meanwhile…a further update:

    ‘Czur scanner : build your own digital library’ team just posted:

    Dear backers,

    Thank you for your support and patient waiting!

    Through our efforts, we have prepared 300 czur scanners and will ship them out on March 14th (forwarders gather goods but not deliver them on weekend March 12th and 13th). We will make the shipment based on the payment priority and email confirmation on delivery information.

    We will ship another 700 czur scanners on March 21st and the rest on March 26th…

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