Cyberread logoThanks to Brian Eberling for sending this along. Form an eamil he received:

Dear Brian,

Unfortunately due to all the unprecedented changes in the ebook industry, we must shut down

We ask that you take action IMMEDIATELY after receving this email to make sure all your books are downloaded/backed up.

Click here for more information how to back up your purchases.

We would like to call out our development partner,, who worked with us over the past few years to build a solid storefront. If you are ever needing a new website or software application built, we would recommend you reach out to them.

Our team has high hopes for this business and have worked crazy hours over the past years in an attempt to succeed an be custoemr friendly. However, the publishing industry seems to be making many of the same mistakes as the music industry and are allowing big companies to dominate the industry.

In the end, the losses were pilling up and it was not possible to sustain.


The CyberRead Team


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