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From Publishers Weekly:

Last week was a big one for digital comics distributor Comixology, after it unveiled a major upgrade to its iOS devices app and launched its Digital Storefront Program—a project that allows physical comics shops to sell digital comics—with over 100 participating retailers.

The Digital Storefront Program allows brick-and-mortar retailers to sell digital comics via a website set up by Comixology, with the retailer getting 15% of each sale. Retailers who have a DC-branded storefront get a larger cut of each sale. Since the launch of the Comixology iPhone app in 2009—with its Guided View technology, which automatically takes the reader panel by panel through the comic—the vendor has been one of the leading digital comics vendors and app developers, producing iOS apps for DC and Marvel and other major publishers. Comixology digitally distributes the comics of more than 40 comics publishers.


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