GEDC0955The other day, while I was sitting in the darkened movie theater, my MiFi plugged into a wall socket nearby and fiddling with my iPad while I waited the hour and a half for my movie to start, an elderly lady seated in front of me asked, “What kind of computer is that?” She was astonished that such things were available, and apparently had never actually heard of an iPad.

Today on the bus, as I was fiddling with my el-cheapo little $80 Zeepad, the guy seated behind me asked, “Is that a Kindle?” I explained what it was and how much it had cost, and he expressed interest in getting one himself. “Just google ‘Zeepad,’” I told him.

These encounters show that here are still people out there who have no idea what tablets can do, or that they can be as inexpensive as they are. (Granted, the Zeepad is so slow I can hear the little hamster gasping for breath as he scampers frantically around on his wheel, but still, at that price what more can you ask for?) It can be a great opportunity to point out to people how useful tablets and e-books can be, I suppose.

What kind of “pardon me, but…?” encounters have you experienced as you use your portable gadgets in your daily life?


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