Free e-book confirmation screen I just got back from Barnes & Noble, where I went to claim my access code for the free e-book per week that B&N is handing out for the next few weeks.

The process was quite simple. All I had to do was step up to the customer service desk and tell them why I was there. They then gave me a flier with a one-time use access code good for adding a free e-book to my B&N library.

I logged into my Barnes & Noble account, redeemed the code, and there the book was. (I did have to update my default credit card number before I could download it.) However, as I found out when I downloaded it, it was in B&N’s eReader-DRM-wrapped EPUB format, which means I can only read it on B&N eReader apps, not any of the original Fictionwise eReader apps (or, for that matter, any of the Adobe-DRM-equipped EPUB readers or reader apps). How annoying.

Still, what do you want for free?


  1. If you want to read it in the original eReader app, just log into your account on the B and N website and download the book from there. My experience has been that books downloaded via web browser are eReader DRMed and fomratted PDB files and books delivered via the eReader application are B and N DRMed EPub.

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