cropped-charoncoin_banner_web1Charon Coin Press, an independent publisher of speculative fiction, has acquired several series of horror and dark fiction anthology properties previously held by Rymfire Books under Armand Rosamilia. These include the series State of Horror, Heavy Metal Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Raid, I, Executioner, Revenant 1 & 2, and Vermin. These, and will apparently be followed by others as the basis for the anthologies division of Charon Coin Press.

Charon Coin Press founder Jerry Benns was apparently editor for the State of Horror anthologies since January 2014, and the acquisitions were part of a transition from editor to full-blown publisher. “I didn’t start out to be a publisher. I wanted to be a writer,” said Armand Rosamilia in the announcement. “However, when I saw the passion Jerry had for Rymfire Books and the State of Horror series, as well as interest in re-imagining other anthologies, I knew he’d be the perfect choice to smoothly take over where I left off. I’m confident Jerry will take the State of Horror and other series in new directions with more focus than I’d ever have time for.”

The State of Horror series deal with U.S. states one by one, and the first in line are Illinois and New Jersey. “Over the past four months serving as editor of the anthology, I became quite attached to the project and the authors who I have had the pleasure of working with through the process,” said Benns. “It seemed a natural progression to seek to acquire the series, and others in the Rymfire portfolio, as Charon Coin Press was in the final phase of launching.”

This easy handover from editorial to publishing roles hopefully presages similar developments in indie publishing in future. Meanwhile, Charon Coin looks about to be ferrying some Stygian titles to readers soon.



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