drone delivery
Aussies could soon be ducking to avoid more than low-flying kookaburras as New South Wales textbook rental and student services company Zookal … ahem… launches an airborne book delivery service using drones. The service, called Flirtey, is a JV between Zookal CEO Ahmed Haider and Matthew Sweeny , CEO of software company Vimbra, and reportedly will… umm … take to the air with six drones, initially delivering books and parcels around Sydney’s Central Business District. 

Zookal’s largest service line is Textbook Rentals which provides a faster, easier and cheaper alternative to what is available disrupting the current textbook market. “We solve one of the biggest pain points for price-conscious students by providing textbooks at a fraction of the price that they are currently getting them for in the Australian market.” Which sounds almost worth an article in itself. And the founders claim prices of only one tenth of conventional deliveries, well within even student budgets. The service looks to … er… get off the ground with its first test flights in November.

In the land of the Flying Doctor, this runs true to form. I just wonder whether anyone’s thought of delivery by trained kangaroos with books in their pouches yet.


  1. Once the overheads are priced in, even if official permissions can be obtained, potential customers will have the option of paying around $5 or more for delivery of a book from no more than 2 kilometres away — a distance they could walk in about 20 minutes. I don’t see a lot of impoverished students signing up for this.

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