oasiswithcoverUsing a leather cover on your new Kindle Oasis or any other e-reader? Then how best to keep it looking spiffy?

Over at MobileRead, Nurseshelly suggests applying mink oil to it to regain the “original luster,” at least if the cover is nuckbuck.

“I have a pair of Dansko shoes that are made out of nubuck,” she says, “and mink oil is what they recommend to keep them conditioned. They go from looking like a scratched up pair of junk shoes to brand new with an application. It does make them slightly darker for a short period of time. It is applied with a brush and then the excess is buffed off with a cloth. Clearly I haven’t tried it on the cover yet, so your mileage may vary.”

So what are your own tips on the care of leather covers? How to take care of scratches? Maybe some of these products? And anything to learn from these tips on the care and feeding of leather Bibles?

Detail: No, I won’t get into the animal rights debate. I myself would have been fine with an imitation leather cover.

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