From the press release:

A report shows that six out of seven top e-book retailers (including Amazon) have less than 50% of the books students need for back-to-school. But CampusBooks is the first to solve that problem, launching a free online e-textbook tool that lets students search all seven to not only find their books, but the best prices as well. has been helping students find the best prices on textbooks since 1999, comparing prices at over 40 online textbook vendors. Now, they’re the first to offer that same kind of cost-saving search for digital textbooks, comparing prices from Barnes & Noble, CourseSmart,, Kno, Cengage Brain, Amazon Kindle, Boundless Learning and in one easy website and free iPhone or Android application.

This kind of search is key; CampusBooks conducted a study of the top 1000 textbooks for back to school this year, and found that the major e-book retailers had very few available. The availability broke down as follows:

CourseSmart: 82.2% of the top 1000 back to school books were available
Barnes & Noble: 46.7%
Kno: 43.6% 24.3%
Cengage Brain: 22.9%
Amazon Kindle (purchase or rental): 14.9% 0.4%

“Digital and e-books are the textbooks of the future, but finding them is still a struggle. Students have to either manually search each site for their book, or just hope it’s available on their iPad or Kindle. We wanted to make it easy for students not just to find their books, but save money on them, too,” says CampusBooks CEO, Jeff Cohen.


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