New Features

  • A Tips and Tricks blog at to introduce less well known calibre features in a simple way
  • News download: Add list of articles in the downloaded issue to the comments metadata of the generated ebook. Makes it possible to search for a particular article in the calibre library.
  • Toolbar buttons: You can now also right click the buttons to bring the popup of extra actions, in addition to clicking the small arrow next to the button.
  • Amazon metadata download plugin: Add option to download metadata from
  • Driver for Vizio and iRobot A9 Android tablets
  • When switching to/starting with a library with a corrupted database, offer the user the option of rebuilding the database instead of erroring out.
  • Template language: Add list_equals function
  • Add a special output profile for the PocketBook 900 as it does not resize images correctly by itself

Bug Fixes

  • Fix regression that cause PDF Output to generate very large files
  • Fix Title Sort field not being displayed in Book details panel
  • Prevent renaming of languages in the Tag browser
  • Get books: Fix getting price from Foyles
  • Content server: When a search matches no queries, do not show an error message
  • ODT Input: Add workaround for ADE to fix centering of block level images when converting to EPUB
  • Content server: When WSGI embedding fix handling of empty URL
  • RTF Input: Fix spurious spaces inserted after some unicode characters
  • Fix regression that broke clicking on the first letter of author names in the Tag Browser when grouped
  • Fix reading metadata from filenames when the author regexp does not match anything
  • Fix incorrect display of the month September in Finnish calibre
  • Do not delete the file when the user tries to add a format to a book from a file already in the books directory
  • Fix regression that broke customization of Kobo device plugin
  • Allow user defined templates to be used in save to disk


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