calibre.pngNew Features

Update the version of the grahical toolkit (Qt 4.7.1) used in the calibre binary builds on windows and linux. This should result in a significant speed up for the calibre ebook viewer
Driver for Nook Color, Eken M001
Add a tweak to turn off double clicking to open viewer
Catalog generation: Add indication when a book has no formats
Advanced search dialog: Add a tab to allow searching particular metadata fields easily
Conversion pipeline: When using the Level x Table of Contents expressions, if a tag is empty but has a non-empty title attribute, use that instead of ignoring the tag

Bug Fixes

Comic metadata reader: Sort filenames aplhabetically when choosing an image for the cover
Bulk convert dialog: Hide useless restore defaults button.
Conversion pipeline: Handle input documents that encode null bytes as HTML entities correctly
Fix some SONY readers not being detected on windows
MOBI Input: Fix images missing when converting MOBI news downloads created with Mobipocket reader
ODT Input: Handle hyperlinks to headings that have truncated destination specifiers correctly
Sony driver: Ignore invalid strings when updating XML database
Content Server: Add day to displayed date in /mobile book listing
MOBI Input: Do not generate filenames with only extensions if the MOBI file has no internal name
MOBI Input: Handle files that has the record sizes set incorrectly to a long integer
Fix not enough vertical space for text in the preferences dialog category listing
Remove ‘sort’ from Search and replace destination fields and add it to source fields. S&R is no longer marked experimental
Edit metadata dialog: Save dialog geometry on reject as well as on accept
E-book viewer: Fix clicking entries in TOC that point to the currently loaded flow not scrolling view to the top of the document
Fix bug in regex used to extract charset from tags
MOBI Output: Add support for the tag


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