calibreCalibre just released another new version, 2.53. And while a lot of Calibre releases offer little more than bug fixes, this one has an interesting new feature that e-book authors might find useful.

Calibre already had a powerful e-book editor built in. That editor now has the ability to apply rules to change the style of the book. Clicking Tools –> Transform Styles brings up a simple fill-in-the-blank tool where you choose a property, a value, and what change you want to make. The Calibre manual gives the examples

  • If the property color is red change it to green
  • If the property font-size is any value multiply the value by 2

—to demonstrate changing any red text in the book to green, or doubling the size of text. These rules can also be applied during book format conversion, under the “Look & Feel –> Transform style” section.

This version of Calibre also updates the installer, which no longer asks to launch Calibre when running automated installations. (Manual installations, from downloading and running the installer, are unaffected.)

Apart from that, it also includes the usual minor feature updates and assorted bug fixes.

I’m happy that we have such a powerful e-book management tool available, even if it’s not necessarily as user-friendly as it could be. It’s certainly got a lot of useful features, even if I may never end up using most of them myself.


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