New Features

  • Tweak Book: Allow tweaking of KF8 MOBI files. Useful to fine-tune the result of a conversion. Right click on the book and select Tweak Book to use the feature. Note that tweaking a MOBI file that contains both KF8 and older MOBI6 will cause the MOBI6 version to be discarded.
  • AZW3 output plugin. This output plugin generates pure KF8 mobi files. These only work on the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch with latest firmware.
  • Conversion: Allow easy re-ordering of the search and replace expressions in the conversion dialog. Also apply the expressions in the same order that they were entered when doing the conversion.
  • Automatically add the Tag ‘Sample Book’ when an Amazon sample is added to calibre
  • FB2 Input: Better handling of inline images.

Bug Fixes

  • KF8 Output: Fix section to section jumps not working for documents with multi-level ToCs
  • EPUB Input: Handle the case of the metadata ToC containing a reference to the cover HTML file.
  • CHM Input: Handle files with deeply nested markup and non html files listed at the start of the manifest.
  • KF8 Output: Workaround Kindle Touch bug that causes the book to be rendered as black pages when a height is specified for
  • Fix regression in 0.8.49 that broke italics detection in heuristic processing on 32-bit systems.
  • KF8 Output: Fix joint MOBI6/KF8 books not being recognized as MOBI files by older Kindles
  • KF8 Output: Fix errors when processing documents with HTML comments and/or XML processing instructions
  • Get Books: Amazon fix prices not being found. B&N fix details link. fix cover image. Website changes to various EU stores
  • FB2 Input: More robust base64 decoding to handle embedded images that are incorrectly encoded.
  • Fix scrolling with the cover browser updating only the selection in the book list, not the current book.
  • Save to Disk: Do not run out memory when saving very large files on systems with low RAM.
  • FB2 Output: Use 2 letter language codes in preference to 3-letter ones to not break poorly implemented FB2 readers
  • EPUB Input: Auto set the media-type for OPF manifest entries with an empty media-type

(Via calibre Changelog.)


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