I’ve mentioned the pay-what-you-want independent-published role-playing game bundle the Bundle of Holding before, but this time they’ve got a really good one up for grabs. There’s just over five days remaining to grab the Spirit of the Century bundle, which is a collection of books related to the pulp role-playing game Spirit of the Century.

Spirit of the Century is based on the FATE game system, a modification of the free-form FUDGE. It’s one of the best-reviewed pulp games to come out in recent years, with the flexibility to model just about any character from the pulp genre. It’s the same system that’s used for the Dresden Files RPG based on the popular urban fantasy series.

Paying $4.95 provides the original Spirit of the Century PDF (which I reviewed here and touched on here), an adventure for it, and the Dinocalypse Now novel (whose highly-successful Kickstarter I covered here). Paying more than the threshold price ($10.75 when I bought it myself, $11.60 when I’m writing this, probably higher by the time you read this) adds on two sourcebooks by Victoriana and pulp expert Jess Nevins. All books are DRM-free and most are PDF; the Dinocalypse Now novel is provided in EPUB and Kindle compatible formats in addition to PDF.

This ia a great bargain, and if you have any interest in the pulps or role-playing at all, I strongly urge you to go for it.

Update: French book blog Actualitté has picked up this story.


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