Budapest, where I live – and love – has some amazing libraries, as it turns out. Showcased courtesy of, here are just a few of them. Probably the most stunning is the Szabó Ervin Library, a family-friendly venue which just happens to house the most incredible neo-Baroque interior imaginable.

Or for something a little more austere, but still magnificent, how about the National Technical Information Centre and Library at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (above). Or, similarly monumental, the Library of the School of English and American Studies and the Library of the Institute of German Studies at Eötvös Loránd University (below). Or the National Library of Foreign Literature (bottom).

You get the picture. Budapest has a great architectural heritage, some of which has been lavished on its libraries. Awesome.


  1. It just came to me. Has anyone created a high-tech computers-and-stuff environment that looks as lovely as many library interiors? I’m not talking about the exterior of the building, which says nothing about what is inside. I’m talking about whether anyone has been able to integrate computers and the like to create something lovely.

    I can’t recall a single one.

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