Screenshot_2016-02-05-12-00-06Following my earlier post on the latest Mantano Ebook Reader upgrade, here’s one answer to the question I asked there: What’s going on at Mantano? Well, as you can see from the flash screen that the Mantano Ebook Reader pops up in its latest version, as of its next release, “Mantano Reader will become Bookari.”

Right now, there’s no indication elsewhere what that means for my – and many others’ – favorite EPUB reading app. A search of the Mantano Desk, which currently seems to be Mantano’s preferred venue for latest news and updates, turns up nothing for Bookari. Ditto the main Mantano website. The announcement itself doesn’t have, or link to, any further content. But obviously the game’s afoot. The new logo, as I suggested earlier, evidently is linked to some big new rebranding plans and strategic developments. I’ll get back with further news once I get some feedback from Mantano. Watch this space.


  1. I sincerely hope nothing major changes aside from the name. I have tried and bought so many other ereader apps, and Mantano is by far the best with its ability to sync your library and bookmarks across multiple devices. It also has the best UI and features of any other reader app. Hopefully this change is for the better and they don’t try to fix what’s not broken.

    • Hello Chris,
      You don’t like the “Mantano” name? I’m sorry to read that. It means “To learn” or “I’m learning” in ancient greek, and sounds pretty well in many languages, as far as I know. We’ve even received totally amazing purchase offers for this name!
      Anyway, I sincerely hope you enjoy the app and that the next developments will match your expectations. We’re carefully listening.

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