Book ExpoBEA director Steve Rosato shared some attendance numbers earlier this week. With the caveat that these are raw numbers yet to verified by their third party audit, the figures represent very slight changes from 2012, as follows:

• Total Industry Professionals 2013 = 19,615 = -.004%
• Total Industry Professionals 2012 = 19,694
• Total Attendance 2013 = 11,101 – +7%
• Total Attendance 2012 = 10,417

Rosato also mentions other successful aspects of the show:

“The Author Stages and other author events were a giant success.  In particular, the Neil Gaiman, Jim Gaffigan & the Wally Lamb/Elizabeth Gilbert appearances were terrific highlights. The improved logistics for lines in Autographing and bringing the ABA Lounge to the BEA show floor all proved to make BEA easier and more productive. Even the WiFi and air conditioning performed fantastically!!”

How was your BEA attendance experience? Did it seem busier or quieter than usual? And are you, like me, ready to break out of the Javits Center and head somewhere new?

• This post originally appeared on the Book Business website.


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