And speaking of Jeff Bezos, TechCrunch has an amusing little anecdote by a woman named Susanna Burke, who happened to be at a hotel where a tech conference was going on. And she tells the story of taking a big hardcover book into the bar where all the tech moguls were hanging out and attracting the attention of Jeff Bezos, who tried to sell her on the Kindle and Amazon without ever coming out and explaining who he was.

Not one of the men at that table (Jeff Bezos included) was kind or gentlemanly enough to pipe in and say “Hey honey – before you totally embarrass yourself further, the guy you’re talking to founded Amazon and that’s why we’re laughing at you!”

Though apparently Burke did know who he was all along, so you could just as easily accuse her of being duplicitous in baiting Bezos with her own studiously naïve attitude. (And she also explains at the end that she “had a secret” of her own, which she will reveal in a part two next weekend.)

Anyway, it’s totally silly, and perhaps more than a little asinine, and of course we have to take her word for it that anything she said actually happened the way she said it did. But it was still amusing to watch the lady sparring with Bezos, asking if she could get a cup of coffee with her Amazon order like she could at her local bookstore, or Bezos calling her “unhip”. Even if it isn’t true, it still kind of feels like it should be.


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