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From the press release:

Baker & Taylor, Inc., the world’s largest distributor of digital and physical books today announced an agreement with Intel, the world leader in computing innovation, to provide a comprehensive ebook solution for Ultrabook devices through Intel® AppUp(SM) center.

“We are thrilled to be chosen by Intel to deliver its ebook platform, which will showcase popular and enhanced ebooks in an ultra-responsive, elegant way.  Ultrabook devices are the next step in mobile computing for consumers, providing a portable, sleek device for readers to enjoy their favorite ebooks,” said Bob Nelson, president of Baker & Taylor’s Digital Group. “Through our agreement with Intel, we can deliver a versatile ereading experience and rich, interactive digital content on a truly innovative device.”

Through its partnerships with thousands of publishers worldwide, Baker & Taylor will provide a fully merchandized bookstore that includes best-selling titles, as well as children’s books, textbooks and lifestyle books, such as travel and cookbooks, many with integrated full-color, sound effects and multimedia. This bookstore will feature the Blio ereading application, developed by K-NFB Reading Technologies, founded by technology visionary Ray Kurzweil.  Ultrabook users will have at their fingertips the content they want and the interactive features and functionality to more fully engage their ebooks.

“People are increasingly looking to one device to serve their content consumption and content productivity needs, and Ultrabook devices make that possible by providing the most complete and satisfying experience,” said George Thangadurai, general manager of PC Client Services at Intel Corporation.  “Baker & Taylor brings a comprehensive collection of ebooks to Ultrabooks and through the Blio ereading application, powered by Intel AppUp Center, provides a superior reading experience for visually rich content.”


  1. It seems to me that the ultrabooks are going to be an accurate answer to the MacBook Air remains to be seen whether they have the style of these. One thing is for sure the price is much lower with the same capabilities. A brand that has always known class creating computers is Asus. I found the analysis to two new books in http://mixandbrowse.tk/ultrabooks-the-new-hype/ that seem to explain well with what we can hope level of equipment.

  2. Ah.. Marketing drivel. Intel is just flailing around trying to come up with a response to all of those non-Intel based tablets and ebook readers running on ARM based CPU’s they aren’t a part of, and managed to convince someone that they have a spiffy new way / idea to put ebook apps on laptops.

    This isn’t really about Apple and the MacBook Air, from what I’ve read. After all, Intel is selling THEM CPUs also.

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