Political/military SF publisher Baen and its fans have long been gung-ho about supporting our troops, and since 2009 some fans have been running a yearly campaign called Operation Baen Bulk to raise money to send goodies to soldiers in need. This year’s campaign is aimed at sending Kindles pre-loaded with over 100 Baen e-books to soldiers recovering from service-related injuries in military hospitals in Fort Bragg, Camp LeJeune, and possibly other facilities if they beat their fundraising goal. They are campaigning to raise at least $3,500 toward that end.

Each $100 they raise will pay for buying and shipping one basic Kindle (ad-free, as they feel sending an ad-supported version would be chintzy). They decided on Kindles rather than other, cheaper readers given the Kindle’s wide support base, ease of use, and overall quality. People who donate enough to meet certain thresholds ($50, $150, $250, or $500) will be entered into drawings for special prizes.

It certainly sounds like a good cause to me, so if you feel like chipping in to give the gift of e-books to men who were injured fighting for their country, go to the site above and send some cash!


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