072210-spaldings-racket.jpgNick Spalding, author of the experimental written-all-in-one-sitting novel Life…With No Breaks (readers on Amazon seem to either love it or hate it), announced yesterday that he’s launched a new indie author blog called Spalding’s Racket:

I’ve created [it] to promote books written by independent authors.

It’s a place for you to find out about new books you might like to read.

I’m making sure that only professionally laid out books make it on the blog. It’s not a review site per se, but I won’t be posting just anything up and will comment as and where I can.

For readers, you can think of it as a sort of “this author recommends” source to help you discover new indie authors. For authors, you can submit your book to Spalding for consideration.

It’s a very young blog–less than a week old and just three recommendations as of this post–and so far the focus has been on sci-fi and fantasy. Still, there’s no telling what Spalding will post in the coming months, and it might be worth adding to your RSS feed to see what develops.


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