Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s great air carriers, is partnering with the National Library Board of Singapore to provide a larger selection of audiobooks to the airlines in-flight entertainment system.

From Today’s Announcement:

Customers on board Singapore Airlines flights can now look forward to a wider selection of audio books on KrisWorld, the Airline’s award-winning in-flight entertainment system, through a collaboration with the National Library Board (NLB). They can relax and enjoy a “good read” while in the air without the hassle of packing their own books or eBook readers.

The initial batch of 13 audio books includes all-time favourites such as Dracula by Bram Stoker, Wizard Of Oz by L. Frank Baum and The War Of The Worlds by HG Wells. Customers can unwind during their flights while listening to the narration of these classic tales. (Refer to the Annex for a full list of the titles.)

“Audio books are the next best thing for busy travellers who do not have time for a ‘good read’. They can help bring a story to life using voices, tonations, accents, and sound effects that spark the listener’s imagination. The listener can also hear the words exactly as the author intended, enhancing the ‘reading’ experience,” said Ms Tay Ai Cheng, Assistant Chief Executive and Chief Librarian, Public Library Services Group, National Library Board.

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Fast Fact: Singapore Airlines provides a number of flights where a lot of entertainment can be consumed.

For example, Singapore Flight 21 and Flight 22 fly non-stop between Newark-Liberty and Singapore and last approximately 18 hours!



  1. Funny that airlines had not thought of providing audio books before! It’s a great idea.

    Although, until they greatly broaden their selections, BookPlayer apps that run on smartphones will still be preferable as they can offer a huge range of free and just-out titles.

    Another advantage of BookPlayer apps is that the listener can pause, makes notes about what they’re listening to right in the app, and more.

    In spite of all the advantages for smartphone owners to “bring their own”, airlines providing audio books is still a fantastic idea!

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