kutcher_lenovoAshton Kutcher is taking his resemblance to Steve Jobs to a whole new level. Re/code reports that Lenovo has hired Kutcher on as a user interface engineer for its new tablet and smartphone products. Lenovo is buying Motorola from Google to beef up its mobile device chops, so it stands to reason they’d want a little extra help.

The partnership isn’t actually as silly as it sounds. Kutcher did study biochemical engineering before getting into acting. While you can’t call a mobile device “biochemical,” to some extent the engineering skills will still carry over. And hey, if Ryan Seacrest can develop a Bluetooth keyboard, why can’t Ashton Kutcher work on smartphones and tablets?

In the end, the most amusing thing about this story to me is that, given the way he felt about the operating system, Steve Jobs is probably rolling over in his grave right now at the prospect of the actor who played him in his biopic working on developing Android devices.


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