kindle_droid_ars.jpgKindle, the software, is marching on. Ars Technica has gotten a demo of the software at the Google I/O.

It has support with synchronizing with amazon’s cloud, page numbers, notes and other information that can by synched across devices.

Screen readability is good and offers a solid reading experience. Users can select from several different font sizes and background colors. Options include a sepia mode and a white-on-black mode for night reading. The application user interface has a brightness adjustment slider, but it wasn’t yet functional in the prototype that I tested.

The application lacks a built-in bookstore, but it can automatically sync content that the user has purchased. To add a book from the device itself, the user visits Amazon’s website, purchases a book, and then uses the reader application’s synchronization feature to pull it down onto the device. When the user deletes a book from the device in order to free up storage space, it is still accessible from an “archive” menu which can be used to re-download the content.

It sounds as if it is exactly the same as the software I have on my iPhone and iPad – which is good. Consistency is important in something like this. No mention is made in the article of a release date.


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