A number of news sites, such as Engadget, are reporting that Apple has released paired updates of iTunes 9.2.1 and iBooks 1.1.1.

The iTunes update is largely a bugfix issue, according to its patch notes, but Crunchgear calls the iBooks release a “major update,” adding dictionary lookup of words and improvements to in-line images and PDF viewing. It also includes support for audio and video content in e-books.

Given that a lack of dictionary lookup prompted some grumbling when iBooks first came out, the addition should please some of the app’s critics. Of course, the problem with the iBookstore’s paucity of title choices remains.


  1. Yay is right! The iBooks update makes PDF viewing much more pleasant. I have all my textbooks on my iPad, so this is very welcome.
    I love apple and I love my iPad I guess you can call me a fanboy. Whatever the case any news is good news and watch the ihaters flock like flys on shit.
    Now all I need is multitasking. Come on 4.0!
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