jobs_biographyI’m not sure whether you can really call this “ironic”, as misused as that word often is, but it’s certainly amusing. Apple has notified some purchasers of the Steve Jobs biography e-book on iBooks that they should delete the current version and download a new version at no charge, Macworld UK reports.

Apple confirmed to Macworld that the emails were genuine and the instructions were to fix formatting problems suffered by a small number of customers who had downloaded the iBook. No changes have been made to the content.

Of course, this sort of thing is going to happen more and more often (as it did with Neal Stephenson’s Reamde and Terry Pratchett’s Snuff), so it’s probably not worth reporting every time. But Apple having to issue a corrected edition of the biography of its late founder? You’d think it would have tried to get that one right the first time.


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