Update: Macworld just posted that an unnamed Apple source says Apple is currently working with developers to bring their apps in line with the new guidelines, and that we can expect to see modified app updates appearing in the coming days or weeks.

[Original post follows.]

Despite all the threats, blog outrage, and speculation around Apple’s new rules for content apps over the past several months, as of this morning the three major ebooksellers’ apps already available on Apple’s App Store—Kindle, Nook, and Kobo—remain unchanged and available for download. (Sony never got a chance to play.)

Kindle and Nook both offer a link to their respective websites, while Kobo actually lets you shop their store from within the app itself. Both features are forbidden by Apple’s new guidelines, but perhaps the companies have worked out special agreements with Apple—or Apple is simply backlogged on its app approval process.


  1. Just another example of how something good is turned to trash when it becomes so popular every greedy hand wants a piece. What a far cy from the 1990s when some of us read EBooks on our Palms and Symbian phones, and were told it was a joke and would never taje off or work. Small ebook distributors grew however, so much so that the likes of B&N went after them for some reason and did nothing with them other than effectively remove them from the game….hmmmmm…FICTIOWISE or EREADR anyone? So once again the market gets turned upside down as those in it try to eke out every penny while they can. Will this kill it? Maybe, or drive readers to dedicated devices and bypass iOS devices entirly. Maybe not such a bad thing!

  2. I miss ereader, dang it! They’ve been nowhere since (1) the B&N acquisition and (2) the arrival of agency pricing. I’ve also discovered that a few of the books I bought on their site are no long available for download. So word to the wise, if you invested in ereader, you should download backups if not already done.

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