They’ve been doing this so often it’s almost not even a story anymore. In recent days, Apple censored and then reversed itself over not one but two graphic novel adaptations of classic literature: James Joyce’s Ulysses and Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

The censorship involved male frontal nudity in the former instance, and two men kissing in the latter. In both cases, Apple said that the developers can resubmit their apps with the original artwork.

Apple is, of course, admitting to having made mistakes—again—but all these mea culpas are starting to get pretty stale, especially since it again required media attention in order to get Apple to set things right. Just what kind of guidelines are they giving their app reviewers, anyway? You’d think that the constant embarrassment would get old.

It’s really about time that Apple just gave up and instituted an “adult” section of its store for this kind of thing. It doesn’t have to allow full-on pornography, but neither of the books mentioned here really qualifies as “porn” while still not necessarily being something parents might want their children to see.


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