shelfA neat little app called Shelf lets you take notes while you read. You search for a book, add the cover to your collection, and take your notes.

The app was a free download, so I gave it a try. My first disappointment was that it’s not a universal app, so it didn’t look quite right on my iPad. I can’t imagine trying book notes onto a tiny phone. But otherwise, the interface was pretty straightforward:

1) Press the plus button to search for a book and add it to your collection

2) Open up the book and press the plus button again to add a note

You can add multiple notes per book and the app will keep them all organized by title. It was straightforward enough. But I must admit, I don’t see the need for it. Evernote can do much the same thing—but it can also tag notes, and let you search across the whole set of them. The lack of a search function seems like a big deficiency to me.

Still, it’s a freebie, so go ahead and try it out if this interests you.

(Via Lifehacker and The Daily App.)

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